...Food waste recycling

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We offer three different collection services:

  • Wheelie Bin Exchange Service - you get a clean wheelie bin and we take your full dirty one away
  • Wheelie Bin Tipping Service - We tip the food into the back of one of our specially adapted lorries
  • Bulk Collection - ideal for Food manufacturing and large retailers

You get a fast and cost efficient waste food collection service with some big benefits.

  • Shows an effective implementation of your companies environmental policy
  • Free advice on systems for segregation of organic and non organic waste.
  • Supply Bio degradable bags and accessories at the time of collection
  • Supply food waste bins for you to put the waste in prior to collection for account customers
  • Use our report of amount of waste you have diverted from landfill to show your green credentials.

Use the report of food waste collected to set targets to reduce food waste that increase your profits.

What happens to your food waste

Once we have collected your food waste, it is taken to our Anaerobic Digestion processing plant where it is recycled. Any packaging is removed from the food using our specialist separating machinery. Even the plastic packaging is washed and sent for reprocessing and reuse. As the food breaks down, the temperature is carefully controlled in the Anaerobic Digestor to ensure that the finished product is completely sterile and safe to reuse. The end product will be used for horticultural purposesĀ on farms as a highly valuable fertiliser certified to PAS110 standards

What will I be able to recycle?

Meat & Fish

All Dairy Products

Vegetables & Fruit

Bread Cakes & Pastries

Rice Pasta & Beans

Uneaten Food

Tea & Coffee